DA leader speaks out: “The ANC bribes DA councilors”

The Kwa-Zulu Natal Democratic Alliance leader Zwakela Mncwango has breathed about the African National Congress’s alleged bribe attempts. At the Indaka Municipality, Mncwango unfolded that as the DA they strongly blow the whistle on the ANC’s corrupt channels to get into power in hung local municipalities.

In contempt of the decision by the voters to dismantle the ANC in some municipalities, by not giving them an outright majority, the party is still fighting tooth and nail to cling onto power. Mncwango unclothed that the ANC leaders are stalking the DA councilors, calling them day and night, and   even arrive unannounced at their homes.

He lay bare that they even offer the DA bribes and other benefits, “but our disciplined councilors have all declined these offers” said Mncwango, “and by doing so, have put their lives at risk-as they are now living because they have been receiving threats with death”.

He went further and said that it cannot be right and it is not fair and justifiable that people are forced by a gun to vote for a party of ‘thugs’ that has neglected voters, failed to improve people’s lives and, now wants to ‘cling’ into power even after the people have voted for change. Mncwango cited how the ANC has failed to improve people live; “with protests deliveries that has been rising, incidents of unnecessary delays in medupi power plant, delays in the country’s migration to digital transmission, lack of access to clean-running water, electricity and lack of houses and poor infrastructure are all examples of how the ANC has failed, “but they still want to stay in poor” he said

In contrast, is the new ANC councilor Sbongiseni Gabriel Khulu of ward 17 in Indaka Municipality who made it crystal clear that he denies the ‘allegations’ that Mncwango is ‘making’ them,” I have no idea of what the DA leader is talking about, I have never stalked any DA councilor nor do I know any of my colleagues who has done such”

Khulu said that as the ANC they respect the voter’s decisions to ‘dismantle’ the ANC if they are dissatisfied in any way. “We can’t ‘force’ voters in any way to vote for us nor can we chase the DA to give us back the taken municipalities-that solely lies in the hands of the voters”.


“As the DA we call upon on the ANC provincial leaders to show leadership by calling into order its power-hungry members to be just and to accordingly allow democratic processes to continue fairly” he said. Mncwango believes that the time has come for ‘change’ that the communities so ‘desperately’ need, change that is stopping corruption, change that is delivering better amenities and change that creates job opportunities.


Sbongiseni Khulu-the ward 17 councilor of Indaka Municipality



Zwakele Maxwell Mncwango-the DA leader of Kwa-Zulu Natal.










































Mr Zwakele M. Mncwango-086 1225 532

Mr Sbongiseni Khulu- 078 7564 321



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